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The Sand Duster - Tie Dye Sweater in Soft Cotton by 1 Life

The Sand Duster - Tie Dye Sweater in Soft Cotton by 1 Life

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This 100% Cotton duster is as comfortable as your favorite sweatshirt!

Made in LA and dyed in Bend, Oregon.

Each hand-dyed order comes packed in a hand-dyed reusable bag!

Variation is expected since every garment is dyed by hand. Please contact us to see a photo of a particular color and size.

Care Instructions:

For best results, turn inside out and wash by hand with cold water and a mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.


Small: Size 2-4, 34-35” Bust, 27-28” Waist, 37-38” Hips

Medium: Size 6-8, 36-38” Bust, 29-30” Waist, 39-40” Hips

Large: Size 8-10, 39-40” Bust, 31-32” Waist, 42-43” Hips

XLarge: Size 10-12, 43-44” Bust, 35-36” Waist, 46-47” Hips

2XLarge: Size 14-16, 45-46” Bust, 37-38” Waist, 48-49” Hips

3XLarge: Size 18-20, 47-48” Bust, 40-41” Waist, 51-52” Hips

Why it’s great for travel: This lightweight duster is as soft as your favorite sweatshirt, but a little more fancy. You will love it on long travel days, or against the backdrop of your favorite beach.

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