Frequently Asked Questions - Wallpaper related questions are at bottom of page

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping within the United States if you spend more than $99. Free shipping is automatically applied, you do not need a code. 

Do you offer design services?

Yes, please email Erin at the email address info@1life.online for more information. We offer custom shopping lists and decor boards for your home, Airbnb, camper, and more!

Do you offer custom products?

Yes! We can create custom home decor and clothing, including rugs, lamps, wallpaper, blankets, sweatshirts and much more! We offer custom products for large projects as well as for individual customers. Please contact us (see link at bottom of page) with questions!

What kind of decor is best for my camper?

There are lots of ways to use decor to make your camper van or RV feel more like home! Cast iron is a great material because it develops a lovely patina over time. Wallpaper can create a lot of style for a low cost. Indoor/Outdoor pillows make your camper cozy while fighting stains, and outdoor rugs are perfect for camping because they help you manage dirt and dust. We are always happy to provide a custom shopping list, just ask! Email Erin at info@1life.online for more help. 

Can I return my order?

Please see our policy section before placing an order, and reach out via email at Info@1life.online to prevent any issues. We are happy to offer returns on many items, but custom orders are non-refundable. 

How do I make my camper cozier?

Adding pillows, rugs, blankets, wall-hangings, curtains, and any other cozy materials will make your camper feel cozier. It only takes a couple of curated pieces to elevate your camper into a glamper!

How do I add color to my rental without paint?

Peel-and-stick wallpaper, and colorful accessories, are a great way to make your rental feel like home without painting!

What is glamping?

Glamping is an elevated camping experience! It is more luxurious and comfortable than traditional camping. Here at Colorful Cozy, we provide products to help you go from camping to glamping, whether you are in an rv, tent, camper van, cabin, or something else!

Is glamping expensive?

Yes, glamping can be very expensive depending on where you go and what you do. Many glamping resorts are very luxurious and you can glamp all over the world. However, you can create an inexpensive glamping experience anywhere by choosing affordable decor pieces like indoor/outdoor pillows and boho hammocks that make any campground or backyard feel like a luxurious resort!

How do I make my camper into a glamper?

Glamping is a luxurious, comfortable experience. You can create a cozy camper by adding pillows, portable hammocks, soft blankets, and more. 

Can I go glamping in an rv?

Yes, you can go glamping anywhere! Whether you have a tent, backyard, van, camper, or glamper….you can enjoy the outdoors in the most luxurious way possible!

How much Wallpaper do I need to order for my project?

Wallpaper is sold per panel to ensure design patterns align. Wallpaper does not require overlap so you do not need to purchase extra materials for overlap.

When you measure, do not include crown molding or baseboards in the length of the wall. Measure the length of the wall on each side of the wall since the actual length might vary slightly - and then use the longest measurement to avoid gaps between the ceiling and wallpaper. 

Measure the width of the wall at the very bottom and top of the wall since the actual width might vary. Include doors and windows or other obstacles in the measured area. 

Note: Wallpaper is produced and ready to ship within 2 business days. 

Have another question? Contact us and we will respond as soon as possible (usually within a couple of hours).