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The Everyday Shorts - TieDye shorts

The Everyday Shorts - TieDye shorts

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These mid-length shorts are made in the USA and dyed by hand in Bend, Oregon. Made from 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex, these lightweight shorts have a slight stretch to them. Mix and match with 1 Life shirts for an easy daytime look!

Shorts have a 1/2” elastic waistband, and are sewn in the style of traditional bike shorts.

Each hand-dyed order comes packed in a hand-dyed reusable bag!

Variation is expected since every garment is dyed by hand. Please contact us to see a photo of a particular color and size.

Care Instructions:

For best results, turn inside out and wash in machine with cold water and a mild detergent. Hang to dry.


Small: 24-32” waist (relaxed-to-stretched), 16” length, 8” inseam

Medium: 26-34” waist (relaxed-to-stretched), 16” length, 8” inseam

Large: 28-36” waist (relaxed-to-stretched), 17” length, 9” inseam

XL: 32-40” waist (relaxed-to-stretched), 18” length, 9” inseam

2XLarge: 36-48” waist (relaxed-to-stretched), 19” length, 9” inseam

Why it’s great for travel: These shorts are comfortable, cute, and easy-to-wear. They are perfect for walking around all day and exploring a new city, but modest enough to wear to religious landmarks or ancient temples.

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