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The Central Oregon Tee - Tie Dye Unisex Shirt by 1 Life

The Central Oregon Tee - Tie Dye Unisex Shirt by 1 Life

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Inspired by, and dyed in Central Oregon! I hand-dye every shirt twice, creating truly one-of-a-kind patterns. These unisex tee shirts fit true-to-size. Made from 100% cotton ringspun jersey.

Each hand-dyed order comes packed in a hand-dyed reusable bag!

Variation is expected since every garment is dyed by hand. Please contact us to see a photo of a particular color and size.

Care Instructions:

For best results, turn inside out and wash in machine with cold water and a mild detergent. Hang to dry.


Small: 34” Circumference, 29” Length, 8” Sleeves

Medium: 40” Circumference, 29” Length, 8”Sleeves

Large: 42” Circumference, 30” Length, 9” Sleeves

XLarge: 48” Circumference, 31” Length, 9” Sleeves

2XLarge: 50” Circumference, 31” Length, 9” Sleeves

3XLarge: 56” Circumference, 33” Length, 9” Sleeves

4XLarge: 60” Circumference, 35” Length, 10” Sleeves

Why it’s great for travel: This breathable 100% cotton shirt is soft and flattering! It is easy to wear in any climate, and photographs well, so you will look great in your vacation photos!

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