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The Alpaca Wool Beret by 1 Life - Sand Color

The Alpaca Wool Beret by 1 Life - Sand Color

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Stay warm and cool in this one-of-a-kind alpaca wool beret! Whether you wear it like a traditional beret, or you let it slouch a little bit, this is a hand-dyed piece that belongs in your capsule wardrobe. It is seriously luxurious!

Wool regulates your body temperature in the same way it does for alpacas, so this hat is perfect all year round!

Every piece is dyed by hand in Bend, Oregon and is completely individual, just like the person wearing it. Each order comes packed in a hand-dyed reusable bag!

Care Instructions:

Dry clean only.


One size fits most.

Why it’s great for travel: Temperature-regulating wool will keep you cool when you need it, and warm when you are feeling chilled! This hat is so chic, you will look great no matter where you are!

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