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The Pink Celebration Wrap Dress by 1 Life - Bougainvillea

The Pink Celebration Wrap Dress by 1 Life - Bougainvillea

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This wrap dress was inspired by designer Erin’s graduation from graduate school! Available in pink and green, every dress is dyed by hand by Erin in Bend, Oregon. The fluttery sleeves and flounced curved hem are perfect for dancing! The rayon fabric is made from a fast-growing woody plant, so you will feel good about wearing a comfortable, sustainable, natural fabric.

Each hand-dyed order comes packed in a hand-dyed reusable bag!

Variation is expected since every garment is dyed by hand. Please contact us to see a photo of a particular color and size.

Care Instructions:

The smooth rayon fabric is delicate when wet, and should be handled with extra care. Wash by hand with cold water. Hang to dry and ensure entire garment is fully supported.


XSmall: Fits 33” bust, 24” waist, 34” hips

Small: Fits 36” bust, 27” bust, 37” hips

Medium: Fits 38” bust, 29” bust, 39” hips

Large: Fits 41” bust, 32” bust, 42” hips

XL: Fits 44” bust, 36” bust, 46” hips

2XLarge: Fits 48” bust, 40” bust, 50” hips

3XLarge: Fits 51” bust, 44” bust, 53” hips

Why it’s great for travel: The sustainable fabric is breathable and flattering on every body type! Plus, this dress is easy to wash in the sink and does not require ironing, just hang to dry!

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